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My name is Jake Woods and am a presenter on the station every Wednesday 8-10pm. I’ve lived in Witney all of my life and am happy to be a member of its community station here as Witney Radio. On my show you can find a multitude of rock, indie, alternative, pop punk, R & B and Hip Hop music on my show as well as pop tracks both current and from eras gone by. As well as a mixture of songs on my show, I also discuss current music news and affairs as well as playing local bands and from time to time getting them in for a chat. As well as local band guests, I also have a twice a month review special. Every month I review and discuss with a guest enthusiast my film of the month and my album of the month for better or for worse. So if you like current bangers, good banter and guest segments then join me on The Not So Late Show, Wednesdays 7-9pm.

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