Craven Blue Music Show

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Mon, 23 Apr 2018

It is a musical journey thro' my life taking in all the bands I have seen live both in smokey old upstairs pub rooms and giant arenas.
Starting in the 60's right up to last week.
I am Colin Dickenson( not Dickinson) and I came to live in Oxfordshire in 1989 when with my wife I bought the 'Woodman Inn' pub in North Leigh.  
Selling that in 2004 I started a new career as an 'Asbestos Surveyor' and recently retired so I now have plenty of time to devote to my programme at Witney Radio.
Prior to 1989 I lived all my life in London & Surrey where I saw all the up and coming bands of the 60's & 70's in small clubs and  giant venues.
This is where I have gained my knowledge of modern music.
In addition I worked for three years as an airline steward with British Airways(then known as BOAC) which afforded me the chance to visit all the jazz & folk clubs in New York in the 60's. 
For me live music is the ultimate.