Occasionally we decide to film some of the goings-on that we get involved in - especially if it could embarrass one of the presenters!
Below are some of the events we've attended and behind-the-scenes clips of the presenters in action. Enjoy!

Dops Story of Love with Rosie Witney Radio

Dop's story of his love with Rosie

Cornbury Music Festival 2016 lineup

Cornbury Festival 2016 lineup

Mr Pothole Visits West End Witney BoxCottage

Mr Pothole comes to Witney

The Standard Blurred lines ska cover Robin Thicke Nor Lye 2015 Box Cottage Photography

The Standard - Blurred Lines

Rosy Cheeks 2014 Hilltop Garden Centre for WR by Box Cottage

Rosy Cheeky Charity Garden Party

Cogges vs Witney tug of war 20 07 14 Witney Radio.

St Marys Cogges vs St Marys Witney Churches Tug of War

When Andy Won Wimbledon WitneyTV edit

WitneyTV does BBC1 When Andy Won Wimbledon

Cornbury Festival 2014 Marcus Bonfanti

Cornbury Tracks 2014 - Marcis Bonfanti

Cornbury Tracks 2014 Kings Parade

Cornbury Tracks 2014 - King's Parade

Cornbury Tracks 2014 Andalus

Cornbury Tracks 2014 - Andalus

24 05 14 A look at Cornbury Festival 2014

A look at Cornbury 2014

07 06 14 Cogges Community Apple Tree Witney Radio

Cogges Community Apple Tree

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