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Reviews movies

Sub is a northern fellow but a nice one with it.

Like a masked crusader, Ollie takes on the role of DJ Vinoli The Vinyl Warrior

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I was born in raised in oxford and lived here all my life.i decided to move from abingdon  to witney I lived here for the past 18 years.since leaving school I have worked in the motor trade,i work in a car dealership in oxford were I have been for the past 17 years.i have always been into dance music from an early age since going to night clubs.

My name is Ellen, I was born in Gibraltar but have lived in Oxfordshire for most of my life. I’m currently studying media at college. I’ve always been interested in radio and I’m a massive fan of most genres of music especially Pop and the culture that comes with it.

DJ/Producer who has been making music and DJing for over 25 years under many different disguises, His music being played on prime time BBC TV amongst others, he is the founding third of Death of Hi Fi.  You can catch them on the summer festival circuit.

I’m a musician, mostly playing bass and lead guitar, starting in West Oxon based rock band Sweet FA in the 80s and more recently in West Oxon Hip-Hop/Dance band Death of Hi Fi along with fellow Witney Radio presenter Andy Hill. In between I’ve worked with artists of all genres and produced music for myself and others.

My name is Jenny.  I recently moved up to Oxfordshire, putting behind me, my 25 whirlwind years of living and working in London.  I am now partially retired and enjoying the pleasure of a much more relaxed pace of life with time to make new friends, do some volunteering work and pursuing my love of music.

I am Grant, otherwise known as Mr G, I moved to Witney 15 years ago from Cornwall. I was always the one at school with the mix tapes and have the most eclectic taste in music of anyone I know. I like to think I look like Matt Damon but I know it’s Norman Wisdom really!

I am Graham I was born in Combe in 1964 living there most of my life. 
I've worked in Eynsham for the same company for 26 years. 
I've been playing with the band Freefall for the past 33 years and started playing drums at the age of 18. 

I am Colin Dickenson( not Dickinson) and I came to live in Oxfordshire in 1989 when with my wife I bought the 'Woodman Inn' pub in North Leigh.  
Selling that in 2004 I started a new career as an 'Asbestos Surveyor' and recently retired so I now have plenty of time to devote to my programme at Witney Radio.
Mark was born and raised in South London in an age when TV only had three channels and came in two colours - black and white.  He moved to West Oxfordshire 28 years ago when his firm relocated him and decided he rather liked it round here and would stay when he left the company.

Matt, 26, is a drummer, gamer and film maker from the heart of Oxford, and has played in quite a few bands over the past few years. He has a simultaneous passion for film and has a degree in film from Oxford Brookes.


Left school to work straight in Our Price Records for over a decade so now have a headful of music, as a DJ i just love championing music of lesser known ilk that doesnt get played on most radio stations, i love all sorts of gendres but mainly alternative and wonky things.

Daniel is a vinyl hoarder who likes nothing more than treating people to his unique mix of soul, funk and disco. Live and 100% vinyl, his show is ready to tickle your ears.
Daniel loves The Owls (even though no-one down South knows who they are...)

Born in Combe in 1965 and worked as a builder all his life. 


Joe is producer for Across the line. Renaissance man Joe is a writer for many random websites about music and film. Joe is also an award winning Film maker, a Bad Guitarist and a lover of Jaffa Cakes. Joe is passionate about music and wants to bring the best of new and old music to you. 

Danny is the voice of Witney Radio, everytime someone tells you the station you're listening to, its Danny! He is an experienced radio entertainer having worked at some of the biggest BBC and commercial radio stations, he's currently running his own production company making commercials and IDs for radio stations across the country.

Barry has lived in Witney all his life which is not as long as some people would think! He loves this town and is an enthusiastic support of all that is positive in this area. Barry is massively involved in all aspects of Witney Radio. Let’s be honest, if you didn’t know already Witney Radio is Barry.

Laura managed to escape from the clutches of the hooded claw in the north and travelled the long and winding road through strawberry fields to the south where she met young maidens and rich gentlemen who enjoyed her regional dialect and funny northern ways.