Characters behind your Witney Radio

Stuff about Naomi will appear here


Mat will tell us about what he does, and we'll put it here!


Information about Ady will appear here soon.

Less strapping bloke and more sparkly cupcake queen, Jenni AKA The Burly Baker is a lover of all things burlesque and baking, and when she’s not whipping up a snowstorm of sugar and sprinkles in the kitchen, she can be found taking to the stage teasing and tantalising audiences across the country.

Jess hasn't told us about what she does yet but when she does, it'll be here

Daniel is a vinyl hoarder who likes nothing more than treating people to his unique mix of soul, funk and disco. Live and 100% vinyl, his show is ready to tickle your ears.
Daniel loves The Owls (even though no-one down South knows who they are...)

Simon D, presents Classic Dance Club, why D? It's his middle name ..........Discotheque He loves dance music but can't dance, he has done local discos for ten years because he likes to see people that can dance.

Alastair comes from a small village in West Oxfordshire and music plays a very important part in his life. If hes not got his ipod on hes listening to music in his car. Just don't mention his Apple itunes bill from October which was £400!

Scott is 42 years old and music is a massive part of his life. The main music in his life is pop and wants to play it as much as possible on his show 'Scott's Top Pop'. He'll be playing the best from the 90's, 00's and currently chart hits.

Ollie is a lover of all music, new and old alike which is handy while co-presenting a show about new and old music...funny that.


Joe is producer for Across the line. Renaissance man Joe is a writer for many random websites about music and film. Joe is also an award winning Film maker, a Bad Guitarist and a lover of Jaffa Cakes. Joe is passionate about music and wants to bring the best of new and old music to you. 

Danny is the voice of Witney Radio, everytime someone tells you the station you're listening to, its Danny! He is an experienced radio entertainer having worked at some of the biggest BBC and commercial radio stations, he's currently running his own production company making commercials and IDs for radio stations across the country.

Half of the presentation team for The Supper Club and Director of Radio for Witney Media, Barry has been part of the TV & Radio industry for 19 years.


Ron presents the Ron Spurs Music Show, a mix of 50's thru to current chart hits with facts about the tunes he plays and featured artists.

One half of the Supper Club presentation team and volunteer coordinator for Witney Radio, Laura adds a more educated feel to The Supper Club with amazing facts and knowledge. She is frightened of snakes and spiders and speaks with a northern accent (which we wont hold against her - much)

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