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Nigel Villiers presenter for Cooking and Kickstands on Saturday mornings from 10-11.00

Originally from Bognor Regis where I grew up and went on to Chichester College of further education where I obtained my qualifications in Hotel and Restaurant management. My forte led me to work in kitchens across the world and follow my passion for food with the wonderful recipes I would discover from the various cultures across the globe.

I am proud to have raised 5 wonderful kids ( 3 boys and 2 girls) who are all finding their way in the world and give me huge enjoyment, and recently given me my first Grandson.  Alongside my wife Clare we all love the taste of good food and all enjoy riding motorcycles when we can.

For almost 20 years I maintained my role as a chef, opened a couple of restaurants in the South of France, the Cotswolds, a hotel in the West Country and working in Corporate catering at the Cheltenham Racecourse.

In time I discovered a new passion which was riding motorcycles and particularly Harley-Davidsons. After a while I thought why not put my catering skills to the test and combine it with my new thrill of motorcycling and create my own motorcycle gathering or festival. With that my first Harley-Davidson rally was launched on Cheltenham Racecourse in 1991. From here my new career was born and the Harley-Davidson Motor Company asked me to come and work for them and to run their Harley Owners Group organisation throughout Europe.

I followed my career with Harley-Davidson for 22 years which had me living in various parts of the world, travelling to just about every corner of the world and having the chance to ride motorcycles on 4 continents…… very privileged.

Throughout my travels and experiences I have managed to learn two new languages, meet two popes, cook for the queen, meet the king and queen of  Swaziland  plus rub shoulders with many famous musicians and actors. It was always said by many that I had the best job in the world, which I have to say was very true.

After spending the last two years of my career with Harley working in Milwaukee USA, I decided it was time to take time out, retire and  come home and settle back in the country I love.

Never ever considered radio until I was asked but have to say I am really enjoying volunteering on Witney Radio However, have to confess I am a bit of a musical desert but am enjoying the challenge whilst incorporating my passion for cooking and motorcycling

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