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Barry has lived in Witney all his life which is not as long as some people would think! He loves this town and is an enthusiastic support of all that is positive in this area. Barry is massively involved in all aspects of Witney Radio. Let’s be honest, if you didn’t know already Witney Radio is Barry. If it wasn’t for Barry and his determination and belief there would be no Witney Radio. Now Witney Radio can go forward and provide a unique service to the community that Barry has grown up in. Well, I suppose he’s grown up, although no one could tell.

Yes, Witney has its very own Breakfast show. Barry has always dreamed of being a breakfast show presenter and now that dream has come true. Wake up Witney it’s time to rise and shine with Barry on the Bigger Breakfast. Keep tuned in to Witney Radio to hear local news and weather, but most importantly at this time of day the traffic. Haven’t we always said it would be great to know what the traffic is like on the way to work or school in Witney, well now we can! Barry discusses the issues of the day, what’s trending on twitter and gives you the opportunity to learn a new word and use it in a surprising way, with word of the day. On the run gives parents the opportunity to calm children on the school run by surprising them with their name being read on the radio. With many more facts and fun tunes make The Bigger Breakfast your show of choice. Weekday mornings 7.30-9am on fm, online at Witney.Radio and on those smart speakers. “Alexa, launch Witney Radio”.

Mr Barry - The Voice of calm and reason

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