The Shows & Presenters

The Bigger Breakfast

The Bigger Breakfast with Barry local news and weather, traffic, strange news, what’s trending on Twitter, Barry discusses issues of the day and has On the Run, On This Day, Word of the Day, Raiders of the Pop chart and don’t forget the great music. It’s Big it’s Breakfast and it’s on from 7am weekdays.Weekdays
The Wonder Years30 mins of music and events from a year, but can you guess the year?Weekdays
The Drive HomeThe Drive Home show with Philip, music, chat, news and traffic for West Oxfordshire and beyond. On Friday it’s even Bigger!Weekdays
The Craven Blue Music Show Colin taking you on a musical journey through his life from smoky old upstairs pubs to giant arenas. Starting in the 60’s right up to last week. For him live music is the ultimate. Join Colin every Monday from 6pm for two hours of fine tunes. The show is very popular in Finland.Mondays
The G-Force Show Mr G plays new releases, features a classic album, an 80s 12 inch, and the Then & Now feature, and a theme. running through the show. .Mondays
RockomaniaWith Graham  and Lily . Rock will never die! Classic rock with a few fun facts thrown in for good measure.Tuesdays
Big Beat TuesdayWith Josh,Old Skool tunes with a twistTuesdays
The Resurrection Tizzy Indie and Brit Pop gems from the Tizzy One Wednesdays
The New Music Show MrG opens your ears to something newWednesdays
The Zonal Show Joe brings you the best of new, old, national and local music. Wednesdays
The Long PlayJoin us on Wednesday nights at 10 pm for a musical journey into a classic album in its entirety.Wednesdays
Shuffle Play Kieran with his finely crafted selection of tunes with a twist.Thursdays
Encore Nadine brings you a variety of music genres, gig anecdotes and fun facts. Thursdays
R.S.V.P Ricky with honest, frank and hyper chat and stories. A music-taste-spectrum-wide-assault on the ears, a local track, a threme (3 songs on a bizarre thematic enquiry), the AfterDark, Show stormer and so, so much more.Thursdays
Late Night JazzLate night Jazz with Colin, Thursdays at 10pm.Thursdays
Community MattersBringing you all the latest news from around the community, Fridays at 9am.Fridays
That Friday FeelingFreakout on a Friday, Bust some moves with Helen, Disco Dance and Classic Cuts, throw those hands in the air because you really don’t care.Fridays
Rebel DiscoContinue your moves with Tizzy, A multifarious mix of sweet banging tunes to dust off the week and set you up for the weekend. Alternate Fridays
In the MixContinue your moves with Amelia, In the mix with Amelia! All the best classic dance anthems and new house tracks to get your weekend started. Alternate Fridays
Your Mother Wouldn’t Like ItThe show that covers just about everything from classic rock and soul to blues, from indie to electronic, from reggae to hip-hop and just about every music style in-between (except K-Pop because, well, just because).   Mark. Fridays
Saturday Breakfast Bill brings all the latest news and views from the local community plus great music. Saturdays
The Saturday Music Market. Phil plays the best music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Classic hits from a group or artist and the Gold Run non-stop golden oldies for 30 Minutes.Saturdays
1-4pm in hols
Love 2 Dance DJ Craig presents 120 minutes of Hi NRG dance to get your Saturday nights off to a great start.Saturdays
Witney Readers Review Laura follows the books read and reviewed by the Witney Readers Book Group on the first Sunday of the month at noon.Sundays
ChatterboxTopical chat with Laura, Elaine and Jenny, on the second Sunday of the month at 10 am.Sundays
The Soul ClubLaid back Sunday soul, funk and Jazz with Philip. Sundays
1-3pm in hols
The Rainbow Mix Michelle presents a multicoloured rainbow of musical genres to brighten your weekend. Sundays
From Here to There Big Rich,with a voice like Barry White playing you the best eclectic tunes.Sundays
Lite Bites Chris presents Lite Bites an eclectic selection of musical tasty morsels to satisfy your soul. Sundays
The Magical Musical Mystery Tour Chris takes you on a Magical Musical Mystery Tour to unknown musical destinations. Sundays
Community Matters A show bringing you community stories from all walks of life. Various presenters including Grant, Barry & Laura, Helen, Tizzy Eila and others Fri

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