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If you think science is too difficult to understand – think again! From climate change, to air quality, mobile phones, radio, television and the internet, science is all around us. Listen in to Science on the Radio to hear about the science and technology that affects our daily lives – and to find out about the many scientists and science and technology companies operating throughout Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

The show features local people involved in science and locally-based science and technology companies talking about what they do.

We’ll also be highlighting local science events, telling you how you can get involved in science activities and find science-based job opportunities. Upcoming shows highlight topics such as climate change, soils, air quality, food security, engineering, water pollution, fossils, ancient animals – and more. We’ll also alert you to local science lectures, festivals and activities you can attend.

Our message: you don’t have to be a ‘scientist’ to enjoy learning about science!

Science on the Radio is a weekly show presented by Nina Morgan and produced by Grant Grindley.

If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, are involved in science yourself, or work in a local science and technology company, we’d love to share your science stories with our local community. Contact us by email at:

Episode 55 – FarmEd

For more information: FarmEd

Episdoe 54 – Magnetism at Bartington Instruments

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Episode 53 – The Geology and Social History of Holywell Cemetery

For more information:

Episode 52 – Conserving Museum Artifacts

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Episode 51 – The Evenlode Lectures

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Episdoe 50 – Asthma Preventation

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Episode – 49 – Building Stones of Oxford City Centre
Episode 48 – DNA Diagnostics
Episode 47 – The Beautiful World of Butterflies

For more information: I Record butterflies and Nature’s Calendar

Episode 46 – The Science of Burial Remains

For more information: Oxfordshire Museums Resource Centre

Episode 45 – The History of Science Museum

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Episode 44 – Material Science and Alloys

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Episode 43 – The Cumnor Conservation Group

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Episode 42 – Oxford Wave Research

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Episode 41 – Fair Water Exhibition at the OUMNH

For More Information:,our%20lives%20in%20the%20balance.

Episode 40 – Pudlicote and the Evenlode Partnership

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Episode 39 – Colour Revolution at the Ashmolean

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Episode 38 -Some highlights from 2023
Episode 37 – Wine Making in West Oxfordshire

For more information; Gavin Carver – Freedom of the Press

Episode 36 – Medieval Rickets

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Episode 35 – Tiny Forests

For more information:

Each week’s episode will be posted here after broadcast.

Episode 34 – Fascinating Fossils

For more information:

Episode 33 – Brilliant Beans

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Episode 32 – Dentistry

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Episode 31 – Dealing with PTSD

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Episode 30 – Nuclear Archaeology

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Episode 29 – Digital Mapping

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Episode 28 – Freshwater Watch

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Episode 27 – IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival

For more information:

Episode 26 – The OUMNH and community engagement in Science

For more information:

Episode 25 – Climate Change with Philip Sharman

For more information:

Episode 24 – ARCHiOx Project at the Bodleian Libraries

For More Information see:

Episode 23 – A geology walk around Stonesfield.

For More information see:

Episode 22 – Gold Mining Adventures

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Episode 21 – Fossil Brains

For more information see:

Episode 20 – Dustscan and Air Pollution

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Episode 19 – The Oxford Geology Trust

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Episode 18 – Dr Suzanne Bartington – Air Pollution – Episode 18

For more information – Suzanne Bartington

Eli Hatchwell – Genetic Diseases – Episode 17

For more information see: Eli Hatchwell

Will Hatrz- PFAS – Episode 16
Danielle Czerkaszyn – Archivist – Episode 15

For more information see: Danielle Czerkaszyn

Finding a Pliosaur – Philip Powell – Episode 14

For more information see: Philip Powell

Cryogenics – Chris Busby ICE Oxford Ltd CEO – Episode 13

For more information see:

Fossils in Amber – Dr Ricardo Pérez-de la Fuente – Episode 12

For more information see:

Volcanoes & Eclipses – Dr David Pyle – Episode 11

For more information see:

Conodonts – Dr Duncan Murdock – Episode 10

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Soil Science – Professor Julie Ingram – Episode 9

For more information see:

Lovell Johns Map Makers – Symon Porteous & Louisa Keyworth – Episode 8

For more information see:

Ediacaran Fauna – Dr Frankie Dunn – Episode 7

For more information see:

Air Quality (Dustscan Ltd) – Oliver Puddle & Daniel Quinn – Episode 6

For More Information see:

Food Security – Professor John Ingram – Episode 5

For more information about food research at the Environmental Change Institute visit:

Photogrpahy at the Bodleian Library – Phillip Roberts Curator – Episode 4

For More Information see: Phillip Roberts at Bodleian Libraries

Citizen Science Charlbury – Various – Episode 3

Contacts for Citizen Science: Cotswold AONB

The Evenlode Lectures – Nigel Winser – Episode 2

If you want to contact Nigel Winser he can be reached at:

Science on the Radio – Nina and Grant – Episode 1

To find out more about Nina’s books including, A Story in Stone – The Geology of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History Building follow the link.

Science on the Radio is broadcast every Saturday at 10am across Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds and beyond. Episodes are available for replay via links on this page

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