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RSVP is a melting pot. A threaded mix of songs from the entire spectrum of music – focusing on the rock and indie canon – brand new and golden old, but dips heavily into pop, alternative, electro, country and metal. It also wanders around classical, reggae, punk, dance – High-Five’ing everyone as it goes past.

Expect chat, stories, random songs, Thremes: a 3-pronged song choice on a particular theme. A WildCard choice, recent songs by LOCAL artists - including live recordings – and just general silliness.

Also, choose how RSVP ends every week by picking THE Audience ShowStopper to play the show out into the comforting bosom of a Friday - Text your request at ANY time of the week to 07931 366999!

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Ricky is a born and bred native of Oxfordshire, growing up in Leafield and Witney – like his parents before him – he is a country bumpkin. He works for a hotel conglomerate beheading the problems of hotel users, he also commentates on professional wrestling for TV, and On-Demand purposes. He went to Brookes to […]

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