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RSVP is a cauldron of items, like the Magnificent Seven, but it’s maladjusted.


RSVP is a cauldron of items, like the Magnificent Seven, but it’s maladjusted.

It’s the Malevolent Seven:

  1. Honest, frank and hyper (and apparently unhinged) chat & stories. I’d like to say this is an over-exaggeration. It’s not. You’ve been warned.
  2. A music-taste-spectrum-wide-assault on the ears – with a focus on the rock and indie canon – but there’s dabbling. Lots of dabbling. From The Sex Pistols to the speeches of Winston Churchill. From Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark to actual orchestral concertos. We’ve had Jay-Z and Kanye West, and we’ve had Petula Clark and Cilla Black. We’ve had Scrooge and The Ghost of Jacob Marley, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas, Thomas the Tank Engine. Country, Metal, Alternative, Jazz, Reggae, Classical, Dance, Comedy, Speeches, TV Adverts – if it makes a sound – we’ll have it. Or not. But then we’ll get it. Or not.
  3. Songs from Very then and Very now – from the 1920s all the way up to the week of broadcast. There’s been Hank Williams and there’s been Miranda Lambert. Fred Astaire and Ed Sheeran, Depeche Mode and Hot Chip, The Beatles + Stones, and Wildwood Kin + Haim – a time to suit all. Except Tea-time. No Biscuits
  4. A Local Track, a 7-Minute+ Longplay, a Musical number, a Live recording, a WildCard (we’ve had the lot – speeches, comedy, mash-ups, Candle in The Wind slowed down, first takes, alternate versions), and a special choice by my Partner; Anna – all this – Every. Single. Week.* (*Probably)
  5. A Threme – 3 songs on a bizarre thematic enquiry. Former examples include: Waterloo**, Parasol Stars***, German Cities, Fish, The Troubles of Northern Ireland, Swiss Chocolate, Hamlet, From From From, on on on, By By By****, Multiple Physicians, Oases, Songs that Tim Booth of James could not be bothered to play me and my Dad live*****, CD Albums on the shelf of Dr Ross Geller from Friends, Things That Phil Mitchell Has Cared About In His Life At One Time Or Another, Fricatives******, Board Games That Are Not Chess, Windows Operating Systems, Terracotta Warriors Of China*******, UK High Street Chains That No Longer Exist, Pugilistic Passions For Boxing Day, and Forgotten Midweek Morningsand Forgotten Midweek Mornings********.                                                                                                                                    ********.** The Station
    ***The Game
    **** **** **** ********* He did not receive 5 Stars
    ****** Repetition of the ‘F’ sound
    ******* Asia
    ******** I Forgot, apologies.
  6. The AfterDark – I end on a song that normally doesn’t make the cut on radio – we’re talking songs with a tune that broods, a sinister bassline, dull snare hits, and A-Minor Chords. If it sounds like it would make your hair stand up walking down a dark alley – here it be, and here be monsters.
  7. Every week there’s a song for someone or something in particular to kick us off – The SFSIK, and at the 1-hour mark, there’s a song chosen by one of you poor souls – The ShowStormer – can be anything you like, and I do legally mean anything*********. (********* Don’t send me recording of murders, thank you very much).
  8. There is no 8. Thanks for reading and tune-in every Thursday 8-10, only on Witney Radio, or don’t.
  9. No though, actually do tune in. There. That’s the message.


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