Like what you hear, have a passion for music, the community or want to get involved – then why not volunteer at Witney Radio.

Volunteering at Witney Radio is a big commitment but if you have passion, drive and are willing to give it your all, it is fantastically rewarding. Everyone is welcome.

Benefits: volunteering for Witney Radio is a gift relationship you give something to Witney Radio and hopefully in return you get to do something you love. Benefits include:

• The opportunity to take part in outside broadcasts and community events
• The opportunity to take part in regular social events
• The opportunity to share something you love
• The opportunity to promote local events, bands and organisations
• The opportunity to gain new skills through training.

Plus you get to play the music you love and share that passion with listeners, and it’s a whole heap of fun! What’s stopping you?

To find out more email us at mail@witneyradio.co.uk

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