Like what you hear, have a passion for music, the community or want to get involved – then why not volunteer at WRFM.

Volunteering at WRFM is a big commitment but if you have passion, drive and are willing to give it your all, it is fantastically rewarding. Everyone is welcome.

Benefits: volunteering for WRFM is a gift relationship you give something to Witney Radio and hopefully in return you get to do something you love. Benefits include:

• The opportunity to take part in outside broadcasts and community events
• The opportunity to take part in regular social events
• The opportunity to share something you love
• The opportunity to promote local events, bands and organisations
• The opportunity to gain new skills through training.

Plus you get to play the music you love and share that passion with listeners, and it’s a whole heap of fun! What’s stopping you?

To find out more email us at mail@WRFM.co.uk

Some comments from our presenters on why they joined WRFM.

“I joined Witney Radio following an interview I did for International Women’s Day around two years ago. I was so nervous being interviewd but once it begun I couldn’t shut myself up and when the interview ended wanted to do it all again! I loved it, I think I found the inner exhibitionist in me!! Two years on and I’m presenting a Friday evening show, playing the music I love, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening than having a boogie while doing something I love, radio… my me time! Helen (That Friday Feeling)

“Hi I’m Grant, aka Mr G, I’ve had a passion for music since an early age and missed the opportunity to join radio while at college as it was a closed shop and cliquey. When I saw the opportunity to join a local radio station I jumped at the chance. There are so many skills that you can learn and bring to help the station succeed. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to play the music I love and become involved in interviews and all aspects of a proper OFCOM radio station. If you are motivated and driven the sky is the limit at Witney Radio” Grant (The New Music Show, G-Force Show and others)

“Hi my name is Michelle and I have grown up with the wireless “(radio) and listen every day to music of all genres. When I first heard Witney Radio about 3 1/2 years ago I new it was a special station playing all sorts of music including many of those songs I had forgotten!! I would smile and think how brilliant . So when I checked out the website and saw the station was run by volunteers I thought I want to have a go at this, all these years later and I’m still loving all the different music being played.”
Michelle (The Rainbow Mix)

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