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Based on the books 1001 Songs & 1001 Albums, Mark takes you on a musical journey from the beginning of the 20th century through to the present day.  Some of the songs you will know, some you will never have heard before; some you will like, some you won't; some are sung in English, some aren't but you'll get to hear them all on this show.

While we are exploring the 1001 we will sometimes check out other tracks from the featured artists and hopefully give you some new and interesting songs to load onto your music player of choice, and every now and then there will be special shows which will do a deep dive on the music of a single artist, genre or year.

Please be aware that this show will sometimes play songs that contain adult language.

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The 1001 crew

Mark presents the 1001 show, Friday evenings at 9 until 11 pm.

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