Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It

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Friday 9:00 pm 11:00 pm

...Or maybe she would?  

This is a show that covers just about everything from classic rock and soul to blues, from indie to electronic, from reggae to hip-hop and just about every music style in-between (except K-Pop because, well, just because).  Every Friday at 9:00pm Mark will guide you through two hours of great music from around the world - some of the bands you will certainly know and some you might not but half the fun is discovering something that you love but never knew existed before.

Tune in, pour yourself a drink and relax.  A great start to your weekend. 

A grown-up music show going out at a grown-up time of night so be aware that there may be adult language in some of the songs.

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Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It crew

Mark presents Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It, Friday evenings at 9 until 11 pm.

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